8×8 World Cup Edition

World Cup in Brazil is right around the corner and The new issue of 8×8 (World Cup Edition) is out to wet the appetite of all Futbol enthusiasts who love World Cup Mania. It’s a beautifully produced magazine with lots of great illustrations and beautiful design. Founders Robert Priest and Grace Lee launched this great endeavor with the rising interest in the “World Game” here in the states. http://8by8mag.com/shop/ Here’s a sample of my Illustration contribution on the Netherlands National Team. A team that made it to the final in 2010 but lost to Spain.


Just want to bring to everyones attention a new book out there on Steve Jobs called APPLETOPIA written by Brett T. Robinson. Which interestingly explores iconic religious images and how they relate to Steve Jobs and Apple. They republished a painting of mine of Steve Jobs that I did for …

Elton John Album Review in Rolling Stone

In the lastest RollingStone’s album “review du jour” of Elton John’s new release “The Diving Board” you’ll find my illustration.   Thanks to Mark Maltais for the call and the freedom to work on this piece.   The album was produced by the legendary T-Bone Burnett, who collaborated with Elton and Leon Russell for their album “The Union”.

Legends, Icons & Rebels

On October 8, a very special children’s book written by the legendary Robbie Robertson and son, Sebastian, along with Jim Guerinot and Jared Levine called “Legends, Icons & Rebels(Music that Changed the World)” in cooperation with Publisher Tundra Books will be available.  I had the privledge to contribute 5 illustrations to this project when asked.  They are Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash, Billie Holiday, Sam Cooke and Patsy Cline.  I was blown away when I received a call from Mary Beth Leatherdale, the project coordinator, who told me that Robbie had personally seen my illustration of Johnny Cash and thought that …

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