Roberto Parada is an internationally known illustrator whose work has appeared in Time, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, ESPN The Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Esquire, and Playboy Magazine. His illustrations have been featured on the covers and inside many of the pages of these publications over the last decade. Roberto’s painterly style and striking likenesses are in demand in this fast-paced digital age of information. He is dedicated to quality, thought-provoking work, even with quick turnarounds. Roberto has been featured in Communication Arts, The Huffington Post, and Step by Step and has appeared in annuals from the Society of Illustrators, American Illustration, and Communication Arts.

Over the last decade, Roberto has advocated for studio safety, with regards to, artist materials and the health repercussions related to some of those products. In 2003, Roberto was diagnosed with severe aplastic anemia, possibly as a result of contact with studio materials.  Roberto was successfully treated and cured with a bone marrow transplant through the generosity of his donor, Hector, in 2004. Hector lives in Mexico with his wife and three children and is in good health today.

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